Interesting places close to our hotel.

Here are some interesting places to visit while you are staying with us. Please contact our front office staff to know about these places and how to get there.


Bukkur island is an island located in Rohri, Sukkur District, Pakistan. Named Bukkur (Dawn) by Sayyid Muhammad Al-Makki in the seventh century of Hijri, this island is a limestone rock, oval in shape, 800 yards (730 m) long by 300 yards (270 m) wide, and about 25 feet (7.6 m) in height. According to the Superintendent of Land Records and Registration, Sindh, in 1912, the area of Bukkur island was 255,292 sq. yards, or 49 acres (20 ha). Nowadays Bukkur island is occupied by an Army public school, and the tomb of Sayyid Sadruddin, who was the son of Sayyid Muhammad Al-Makki.In 622 H. (1225 A.D.) Shums-ud-deen took an army to Oochch to overthrow Nasir-ud-deen, who had entrenched himself at Bukkur; to this place Shums-ud-deen detached Nizam-ul-Moolk, but Nasir-ud-deen, attempting to escape from Bukkur, took a boat, which foundered in a storm, and he was drowned.